John Harris – Its An Illusion


Another phone call from a close associate prompted me to watch this video.  John Harris who’s profession is a carpenter has dug deep into how our society is formed, who owns what and difference between Human and Persons.

Admittedly, I had no such knowledge about this and in fairness to John he does make some really valid points.  Normally, we do hear and watch conspiracy theories or confessions from people involved in secret societies, but John talk on how our society is setup is an eye opener.

Without saying any more on this, please watch the video and leave you thoughts:

John Harris – Its An Illusion

One response to “John Harris – Its An Illusion

  1. Just wanted to add, after watching this video once again I do have an important question to ask, which is:

    John Harris, throughout the video talks about society as being a company including the Police, House of Lords and so on, he also mentions throughout that its all about profit and shareholders, but who are people who have created all this and who intend to make a profit out of it all?

    So if anyone has the answer then please let me know, or if John Harris stumbles across this blog please let me know.

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