First Post from Free Mind Movement Blog

Finally I decided to write a blog.  So here I present to you – Free Mind Movement blog, my very first blog.  Freeing the mind and helping others to do the same, is an idea that has been at the back of my mind for many months now.  Since Christmas 2009, I put into motion few steps to make this blog actually happen for January 2010 and today here I am writing my very first post.  This is going to be a new experience to me and will put a new challenge in my life.  As well as a full time job (a demanding one too) and a part time PhD, I have yet complicated my life further and I’m looking forward to the new challenge.

First thing first, many might ask few question as to ‘why did I start this blog?’ and ‘What are my objectives?’

Why did I start this blog?

The answer will no doubt relate too many and those who agree with why I created this blog and this challenge will understand the answer to be a sad one too.  For many years now, and I guess since 9/11 disaster many people and including me have had our minds affected.  On one hand, there are the official US government explanations which somewhat didn’t make sense at the time and still don’t.  We are somewhat forced to believe them in many ways and our minds are constantly being programmed to accept them thus affecting the ability for our minds to think freely.  Living in the UK and having many friends from all sorts of backgrounds, cultures and religions all seem to be victims in one way or another.  On the other hand, growing amount of concern has fuelled many new movements, movements which offer an alternative unofficial explanation by unofficial and official media sources and mainly by bloggers.  New videos have cropped up with in depth research, where keen individuals just like me and you have pieced together every single fact that is available and have concluded a total different explanation and one which challenges the official US government one.

Now almost after 9 years of this disaster, one would expect things to have changed.  But has anything really changed?  To eliminate future attacks and increase security for the US nations, a war in Afghanistan and a war in Iraq has been the response.  In the recent few months, the official explanations and reason for attacking Iraq have been proved to be either based on lies or very poor intelligence presented by Tony Blair (then the Prime Minister of UK).

Okay, we’ll talk about it another time maybe.  Nevertheless these atrocities against poor nations wouldn’t have happened if our minds had not been tampered with.  To recall an old phrase “Union is strength” as well “United we stand divided we fall”.  So my dear friends as you would have guessed Free Mind Movement blog is an effort in the direction of uniting everyone and to free their minds into a new movement.  I am happy to announce that by writing this blog I actively join with many thousands of people around the globe working towards freeing the minds into a new movement.

What is the objective of Free Mind Movement blog?

The objective of this blog is to create awareness about the challenges we all are facing, physically and mentally, the sufferings our brothers and sisters in various parts of the world are undergoing daily just so the very elite can control more and more resources around the world, working towards free mind and spreading awareness by examining the world with peace objectives.  From this humble effort I hope to create a desire, a deep craving amongst all nations to put aside their differences and unite in the name of peace and love for a better world for all.


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